Parental Advice
  First Experience at Nursery?

How long should i leave my child? What if he cries? What will my child learn? Should I stay with my child? These are common questions that we are asked. Please read our advice for new parents below

  Biting in the Early Years
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  Sleep and your child
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  Toilet Training
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  Child abuse - signs and what to look for

Abuse can come in many different forms and sometimes even we as parents can be doing something damaging without realising it. This is especially true when a child is left in the care of a nanny or housemaid, and we may not recognise signs happening under our noses! The article link below can help you to undertand what it is all about, what are some signs to look for and what we can do about it. 

If you suspect someone in your family, or just someone that you know, may be abusing a child it is your duty to report it for the child's sake.

Abuse hotlines and contact details for Abu Dhabi are:

'Hemayati' application for smartphones - for parents to track their child's location and recieve alerts/open communication channels with the child

Hotline: 116111

Website link:



  Car Safety
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  Agencies for extra help

Once our children start to develop we all wonder if they are on the right path, are they meeting the right milestones and do they need any extra help. If you have any concerns about your child's development or progression please request a meeting with the teacher through reception so that we can help guide and assist you. If there needs to be any extra help, or just to set your mind at rest, we are always available to listen and offer advice.

Below are some centres and hospitals that do checks and assessments

Starz for Special Needs


Tel: 02-4462048



Emirates Autism Centre (Najda Street)


Tel: 02-6427557



Sylvan Learning (Mohammed Bin Zayed)


Tel: 02-6508505


Good for support for all learning disorders and assistance for tutoring


Dots and Links


Tel: 02-6660948


Good for diagnostic and support for all learning disorders


Ta’leem Training and Skill Development Centre (Nahyan Camp)


Tel: 02-4441100


Mainly for diagnostic and support for dyslexia


Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs

This is a group of 12 centers for Special needs help (mostly for UAE nationals); most useful ones are:

The Special Needs Sector:

Tel: +971 2 698 5555 or +971 2 698 5610 or +971 2 698 5614



Abu Dhabi Sport Club for Special Needs:

Tel: +971 2 558 2884

Email: /


Abu Dhabi Center for Care and Rehabilitation:

Tel: +971 2 698 5750 or +971 2 698 5751


Abu Dhabi Center for Autism:

Tel: +971 2 698 5780 or +971 2 698 5782 or +971 2 698 5480


The New England Center for Children


Tel: 02-6429550


Uses ABA and very good in Autism help. Priority for UAE nationals


The Hamad Centre for Special Needs (Marina Village)


Mainly for Autism diagnostic and support using ABA

Villa 100, Al Hadbah Street,  Al Nahyan Compound Area  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  |  Tel: 02 448 8424  |  Email: