At Sesame Street Private Nursery, we believe that what happens early matters for a lifetime.

A ‘fun’ and encouraging atmosphere plays an important role in promoting learning; followed by creative teaching methodologies that empower the children to grow and develop the skills to be lifelong learners.

Children deserve a good opportunity and a strong start to equip them to achieve their dreams. We promote a play-based curriculum where the focus is on the overall development of each child and strive to instill good social and behavioral habits through interesting activities.

The nursery curriculum is designed to develop our students physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, thereby ensuring the holistic development. 

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding learning environment for children to start their educational journey. We believe children learn best in a safe, secure, and caring place where they are encouraged to explore, take the next level of challenge, try new things and achieve their small and big goals!

Children are by nature, achievers and at Sesame Street Private Nursery, we love celebratingour children’s achievements’ and successes!

I look forward to welcoming you all to visit our beautiful nursery and meet with Sesame Street Team


Aous Shleweet

Nursery Principal

Our wonderful staff and assistants come from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds but all have the same mission and goal ¦to give your child the best education possible.

All teaching staff are required to have Pediatric First-Aid training. 

Ms. Aous Shleweet
Nursery Principal
Ms. Bernadette Castro
Ms. Dima Kalash
Bubble 1 Discoverers
Ms. Tanchie Egbe Nyake
Bubble 2 Researchers
Ms. Mirna Jorjos
Bubble 3 Explorers
Ms. Yuliia Orel
Bubble 4 Inventors
Ms. Aya Hasan
Bubble 5 Investigators
Ms. Fatima Abderabou
Arabic Teacher
Mr. Mohamed Akbar Tharavattingal
Head of Security and Transportation
Ms. Nancy Deluna De San Miguel
Transportation Supervisor
Bubble 1
Discoverers Team
Bubble 2
Researchers Team
Bubble 3
Explorers Team
Bubble 4
Team Inventors
Bubble 5
Team Investigators