All staff must also go through a rigorous screening process. We recognize the utmost importance of security and anonymity for our clientele. Our “Star Protection Security Team” is on duty at all times providing secure protection while maintaining a general sense of well-being. Our security team is trained, prepared and present at all times ensuring a safe and secure environment for your child.

Emergency procedures and daily safety and security checks are strictly followed with regular emergency evacuation drills. Daily timely arrival and attendance is vital and monitored. Courtesy phone calls will be made for children who are absent. Only authorized personnel and parents/guardians are allowed into the nursery. Respecting the need and desire for privacy, parents and child surnames and or/or titles are never utilized on our premises, given and/or discussed. We recognize and honor the importance of surnames and titles however, in order to provide the highest level of security and anonymity both child and parent information is considered privileged information at all times.

Allergy Alert
 Due to the nuts allergy  and the possibility of choking, we are a nut-free environment, and we request our parents not send in any nuts in the child’s lunchbox.

In order to give the best care for your child, we request that if you have knowledge of any allergies or medical conditions, kindly, inform the admin staff.