Our mission at Sesame Street Private Nursery is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that will enable each child to explore, investigate, communicate and question. In turn, this will support the development of happy, caring, innovative and productive children who are able to contribute confidently to their own community and wider world.

We believe the developmental years foster a child’s view of learning and it is our goal to instill a life-long love for learning. We strive to provide every child with the opportunity to achieve success and to feel successful.

We understand that children develop and learn in different ways and have many different interests. Our diverse and developmentally appropriate programs are designed to help inquisitive young minds to flourish.

We encourage children to explore, question and investigate whilst helping them to cultivate logical reasoning skills. By engaging your child in creative art, music, dance, interactive carpet time and lively story telling we make learning come to life whilst encouraging your child to excel and explore.