We educate children by placing them in classes that are divided according to age in order for children to interact with others who are at a similar developmental stage. By providing a supportive learning environment we are able to make your child’s first learning experience an enchanting one as they begin their life-long journey of discovery.

Admission is open all year, as long as there is availability in the class.
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  • Your toddler’s days will be filled with loving care and interaction within a safe, peaceful yet stimulating environment. Your child will delight and develop both mentally and physically while being introduced to: communication skills, color differentiation, familiarity, coordination, vocalization, motor skills, number, colors, shapes and sizes, music, art and so much more…

  • This is the age of exploration and our nursery is designed to encourage and widen your child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore. The children participate in pretend play, music, arts and physical activities like dance, yoga and gym and are introduced to early math and literacy concepts as well as socialization skills. We begin to introduce more routine and structure to activities and to the daily schedule. Your child will build vocabulary, learn functional numerical skills, and will be encouraged to use simple reasoning to explain every day occurrences.
  • At Sesame Street Private Nursery your child will flourish as he/she learns both to question and to look for answers as they explore, discover and grow. Your child’s week will be filled with varied activities inspiring children to find their interests, think independently, focus and retain information. Students are encouraged to pursue special interests such as art, music, drama and gym. Your child will continue to build vocabulary, languages, music, art, dance and drama and will be encouraged to use reasoning skills to explain every day occurrences.


Our Pre-K expands on previous knowledge gained and prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. Children will learn all of the core basic requirements and foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Languages are expanded and children are encouraged to become more independent, create their own stories through pretend play and drama, voice their opinion and make appropriate choices.