Entry and Visit Procedure

  1. Everyone entering the nursery should undergo temperature checks and thermal screening at the gate upon entering the building.
  2. The nurse will screen all staff and children for wellness and fever upon arrival and in case symptoms arise. Children will also be checked throughout the day and before they leave.
  3. All staff members must take a COVID-19 PCR test prior to opening. Staff members are not allowed to enter the premises without a negative test result.
  4. Only one of the first degree authorized family members is allowed to drop off and /or pick up his/her child. Elderly (people over 60) or people with medical conditions are advised not to drop off and pick up children.
  5. Family members should maintain a distance of 2 meters and wear masks at all times during drop off and pick off at the gate. Entry and Exit times will be staggered to avoid crowding.
  6. Meetings will be held online (zoom) or by telephone. If there is a critical need for a face-to-face meeting, an appointment should be made by email.
  7. Any visit to the premises such as for the purpose of registration, maintenance workers and deliveries, should happen after 3pm or on Saturdays.
  8. Children’s lunchboxes and shoes will be disinfected upon arrival. Parents are requested to disinfect their children’s bags before coming to the nursery.
  9. School regular timing is from 8:00 am- 1:30 pm, the earliest drop off 7:15 am and latest pick up is at  2:15.
  10. If you want your child to stay longer, kindly inform the admin to organize it accordingly.


Screening and Contingency Plan/Emergency Plan

  1. Parents are required to check their child’s temperature and any symptoms before leaving the house. A policy of “staying at home if unwell” for children, teachers and staff with symptoms is to be strictly adhered to. Medical advice should be sought and the nursery should be notified that the child is unwell.
  2. Mandatory contactless screening for staff, children and visitors will be administered upon arrival. If temperature equals or exceeds 37.5 Celsius, he/she will be prohibited to enter the premises.
  3. The official authorities will be immediately notified in case any person on the premises presents with COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. If a member of staff or child has confirmation of a positive COVID-19 PCR test by DHA approved clinical laboratory, he/ she is not to return unless he/ she is granted a de-isolation clearance certificate endorsed by DHA that states that the person has been isolated for 14 days with no symptoms and has a negative PCR test.
  5. In case a COVID-19 positive case is detected, the nursery shall be closed immediately for 2 weeks and everyone will adhere to the guidelines of isolation and conducting the test.
  6. The nursery will follow the model of E-learning in case of emergency closure.
  7. An  isolated room has been designated to handle COVID-19 suspects. The isolation room is to be disinfected after each use and daily.
  8. The nursery will follow disinfection procedures as per ADEK guidelines.
  9. Prior to reopening, the nursery will collect health and travel declaration forms from all families and staff.
  10. The nursery will maintain adequate records of its staff, children and visitors, including names, telephone numbers and visit dates, in-case contact tracing becomes necessary.
  11. The nursery will maintain accurate work records of its entire staff for contact tracing purposes.
  12. All staff will be discouraged from exiting the nursery during the day, but if they do so for emergency reason, they are requested not to return to the premises till the following day.


Set-up, PPE and Hygiene

  1. All areas and surfaces of the nursery will be cleaned and effectively sanitized throughout the day and at the end of each day.
  2. The nursery will follow the cleaning and disinfecting guidelines from the Authorities using effective and harmless cleaning products.
  3. All staff and visitors will wear masks at all times. Anyone not wears a mask will not be allowed to enter the nursery.
  4. Staff that are in direct contact with children, will wear transparent masks to enable lip-reading and facial expressions. Face mask shields can replace face masks where physical distancing of 2 meters is ensured.
  5. Staff are encouraged to sanitize and wash their hands regularly.
  6. Enrolled children are exempted from wearing masks. The nursery will provide face shields “designed for children” if they wish to wear it.
  7. Anyone entering the nursery will immediately sanitize and /or wash hands.
  8. Strict handwashing regime for children will be followed.  Sanitizers will be avoided for children who have the tendency to lick their hands or suck on their fingers. Staff will assist children with handwashing and children below 2 years are NOT allowed to use hand-sanitizer.
  9. Staff and children’s bags and shoes will be immediately cleaned and sprayed with sanitizer once arriving at the nursery.
  10. Nappy changing areas and the toilets will follow specific guidelines for disinfection and sanitization.
  11. Security guard and cleaners will follow the right measures such as wearing gloves while cleaning.
  12. Staff handling food will wash their hands for 20 seconds before and after handling food.
  13. Frequently touched areas like door handles, stair handrails, phones, computers and other electronics will be recurrently sanitized and disinfected. Sanitizer wipes will be used to clean the devices.
  14. Educational posters have been displayed illustrating handwashing.


Physical Distancing

  1. The 2 meters distancing rule will be maintained.
  2. Classroom area and furniture have been considered to allow sufficient space for children to do activities while maintaining a 1.5 meters of physical distancing.
  3. Outside play area and indoor (village area, sensory room and gym) have been assigned to each bubble as there will be no more than one bubble sharing a common area.
  4. Staff entry and exit times and break times will be staggered.


Toys, Equipment and Gadgets

  1. We will not use soft toys and toys with intricate parts or that are hard to clean. Mouth toys such as musical instruments and whistles are prohibited.
  2. All equipment in classrooms such as toys, books, scissors and all other materials will be sanitized on a daily basis.
  3. Toys that have been sneezed on, coughed on or put in the mouth will be sanitized and immediately removed from play.
  4. A designated bin is kept for separating toys that have been in children’s mouths.
  5. Toys will not be shared with other group/bubble unless they have been washed and sanitized. They will not be in use for at least 14 hours. 
  6. Gathering of students while playing with toys or hands-on activities will be limited to 4 students at a time.
  7. Each child will have his/her own set of stationery.


Staff and Child Ratios

  1. Each bubble will have a maximum of 8 students (age 18 months to 2 years) and 10 students (age 2 to 4 years)
  2. A safe distance of 1.5 meters between adults will be maintained at all the times.
  3. Child care classes will include the same group each day, and the same staff will remain with the same group each day. No individual from outside the group can enter the classroom.
  4. There is one first aider from the staff in each bubble.


Communication and Readiness Plans

  1. Sufficient training and communication channels have been utilized to keep all staff, parents and children informed of the new settings, practices and hygiene approaches.
  2. Crisis management plan has been developed to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to safeguard the continuity of operations and the safety of everyone in the facility.
  3. Internal policies that cover aspects such as infection control, emergency preparedness, and stay at home when sick are in place.
  4. Constant communication will be kept with parents as well as transparency regarding all the latest developments.
  5. The head of nursery and nurse are assigned to handle any emergency situation. They follow up and monitor the implementation of health and safety procedures, and conduct all necessary trainings for children and staff. They are also responsible for the designated isolation room.



  1. Families must supply foods for their children that don’t need warming in the nursery.
  2. Children will have their own food containers and safe utensils and will not share food with each other.
  3. Meal breaks will be staggered and the children will have their snack times in their own bubble location.
  4. Staff will wash their hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds and assist the children in washing their hands.
  5. Staff members will wear disposable gloves, masks and aprons while helping the children during snack time. The gloves will be changed after helping each child


Premises Other Than Classrooms

  1. Guidelines and schedules are adopted for playgrounds and common play areas, art room, music and gym.
  2. Where possible, all spaces are to be well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening windows) or with ventilation units.
  3. The children are to maintain at least 1.5 meters distancing during the class session.
  4. Frequently touched areas/surfaces and equipment will be disinfected after every use.
  5. Cleaning staff will follow the right measures such as wearing masks and gloves while cleaning.
  6. The nursery is following the sterilization and disinfection procedures that were requested from MOHAP.



  1. There will be no transportation.
  2. Parents are responsible for the transportation of their own children to and from the nursery