All Tuition fees and transportation fees are payable yearly or by term only. All fees are due one week before the start of each new term. Invoices are normally sent home before the start of each new term as a reminder. However, failure to receive an invoice does not exempt you from paying all fees on time. In the case of company payments, please ensure that your company has paid all fees on time. It is the sole responsibility of the parent to insure that all fees are received on time. We will be more than happy to give you invoices early. Please see the accounts department if you have any questions

Fees 2019-2020 are as follows:

Registration Dhs. 1,000

Term 1 (Sep-Dec): Dhs. 10,500

Term 2 (Jan-Mar): Dhs. 10,500

Term 3 (Apr-Jun):  Dhs. 10,500

Bus Fees: Dhs. 1,000 one way/ term

                    Dhs. 1,500 two ways/ term


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